Is Real Estate Investment Profitable now?

You see, I found out early in life that 95% of High Net worth Individuals have a hand in the real estate pie.

Being Wealthy is directly related to reduction to the barest minimum of losses and the compounding increase in the value of assets and revenue

Real Estate is the only investment kurtuluş escort that can serve these two purposes, little wonder wealthy men embrace it, It’s their secret.

Here are some reasons why real estate investment is profitable right now:

  • Cash Flow/Return on Investment

Real estate investment provides the investor with a steady source of income in form of rent and a better returns from liquidating properties which have appreciated in value.

Rightly located properties tend to gain value rapidly, for instance, Boing Luxury Estates Fort-Felicia Golf Resort Estates subscribers who bought 465sqm serviced plots in January 2018 has their properties valued at about 152% above purchase price in April 2018. Now ain’t that something!

  • Leverage to Build Wealth  

Imagine someone purchased several properties in Fort-Felicia and doesn’t liquidate as development comes to the estate, if the value of the plot appreciates by 152% in five months, what happens in a decade.

The landlord has captured wealth. You see, creating wealth is not so hard after all.

This same property could also serve as collateral for capital to pursue ventures which when properly managed give a continuous stream of residual income

  • Ability to Buy low and Sell High

Otherwise known as Land Speculation. This is the oldest trick in the book, condemn or speak against it, the truth is those who have perfected the art of speculation have reaped huge rewards

Get into the game now.

  • Tax Benefits

There are several methods to get tax reliefs as an investor in real estate, I won’t go into detail for obvious reasons.

Seek the services of a tax consultant, you will be shocked at what you would find out.

  • Hedge against inflation

Real Estate investment is immune to inflation. As simple as that.

Do I need to bore you with figures and metrics? No.

Market prices for real estate properties rise automatically as the cost of living also increases.

Dear reader, start now. Act now! Invest in real estate.

Till next week

Aspire to greatness!

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